About Police Department


The police department has an obligation and duty to function according to the requirement of the constitution, law and democratic aspirations of the people. Such functioning of the police requires it to be professional and service-oriented, and free from undue extraneous influences and yet be accountable to the people; it is necessary to restore the confidence of the people by organizing a police system which is:

  • Professionally Efficient
  • People Friendly
  • Non-Authoritarian
  • Politically Neutral
  • Democratically Controlled

Existing Police System

  • The Police Act Of 1861
  • The Police Rules Of 1934

The Chronological History


  • To maintain internal security.
  • To assist regular police in the maintenance of law and order.
  • Decision taken by the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs.
  • 6 SIs, 12 HCs and 300 FCs were recruited in September.
  • (Reference: office memorandum No A-118(7)/50 dated January 10, 1951 addressed to Secretary General AJ&K Govt.)

Important Events

  • 1952 Muzaffarabad conspiracy of Nov.1952 suppressed/ ex- minister Abdul Qayyum Khan arrested/ reserves maintained Law & Order in the native place of the minister.
  • Helped extinguish the fire in Muzaffarabad on midnight of December 28, 1952.
  • 1953 Helped to control situation at District Mirpur at a political gathering in March 1953.
  • Anti Ahmadia movement was efficiently controlled.
  • Kishan Ganga and Domel police posts were taken over from the district police force
  • 1954 The first significant expansion.
  • To cater for the possibility of UN orchestrated plebiscite.
  • To quell Pallandari disturbances/ instability in Poonch district.
  • A scheme was sanctioned for the raising of 32 Reserves with a total of 32 Sis, 64 HCs and 800FCs. However 32 platoons were not raised and armed constabulary from Punjab Police were loaned as and when required.
  • Actual strength till 1955 was 5 Inspectors, 10 SIs, 39HCs, and 490FCs.

1961 A Contradiction In Function

  • AJ&K police Reserves were not designed to be deployed on the Cease fire line and neither trained nor equipped to act as a border police force.
  • But they were still posted at border posts Leepa, Nakyal, Samani as well as in traffic police as local guards and for the maintenance of law &order.
  • (As per S. Asif Majeed IGP AJ&K police secret note dated Nov.30,1961)


Objectives of Police Organization

  • Maintenance of Law & Order
  • Prevention and Detection of Crime
  • Protection of Life and Property
  • Enforcement of the Rule of Law

Objectives of the Police System in a Free Society

  • To contribute towards liberty, equality and fraternity in human affairs.
  • To help reconcile freedom with security and to uphold the rule of law.
  • To facilitate human dignity through upholding and protecting human rights and the pursuit of happiness.
  • To provide leadership and participation in dispelling cryogenic social conditions through co-operative social action.
  • To strengthen the security of persons and property and feeling of security of persons.
  • To investigate, detect and activate the prosecution of offences, within the rule of law.
  • To facilitate free passage and movement on highways and roads and on streets and avenues open to public passage.
  • To curb public disorder.
  • To deal with major and minor crises and to help and advice those in distress, where necessary activating other agencies.
  • To contribute towards the creation or reinforcement of trust in communities.


  • Post Earthquake Security Operations
  • Watch and ward duties
  • Maintenance of law and order
  • Re-construction and rehabilitation
  • Introduction of sports activities
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Published: 01-06-2016, Source: http://ajk.gov.pk