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Social welfare is a complex, gradual and long term process involving change in values, traditions, customs and socio-cultural patterns. The modern concept of social welfare differs significantly from the centuries old traditions of charity, philanthropy and immediate alleviation of distress without rehabilitation. Social welfare is concerned with the wellbeing and uplift of the community at large and vulnerable groups in particular. Emphasis of the welfare programmes will be on the neglected, disadvantaged, under privileged, exploited children, women and youths, elderly disabled persons and destitute.

Historical Background

Social Welfare and Women development Department is a vital and pivotal sub-sector of the National Development. It motivates voluntary efforts on the basis of self-help and mobilization of both human and material resources to supplement and coordinate governmental efforts and accelerates development and relief /voluntary social programmes. Welfare activities are the most needed thing in deprived, poor and neglected communities /sections of our society where financial and technical resources are scant. The development plans therefore undertaken aim at eradication of social evils, rehabilitation of disabled and the handicapped, formulation of action programmes directed towards social needs, mitigating sufferings and bringing about cultural and psychological changes and systematic rather uniform socio-economic growth and sociological advancement.

The social welfare activities were mainly undertaken by individuals, philanthropists as well as voluntary/religious organizations with focus on social awareness, equitable, rather sustainable, and multi-dimensional development of the deprived sections of society through the instrumental tools of participatory development and community mobilization. All modern welfare societies and states have established a department entrusted with obligatory responsibilities for the above cited sacred purpose. In the four provinces of Pakistan Social Welfare and Women Development departments were established in early 60’s. However, in AJ&K this most essential public sector department was established much later in the early 90’s, precisely in July 1992, to ensure and undertake the much desired rehabilitation and relief, human resource development and the socio-economic uplift activities within the domain.


To work towards an environment, in which families, communities, organizations and governments ensure that vulnerable people physical, social, legal, medical and psychological needs are fulfilled and rights protected with equal opportunities of safety, health and education as their fundamental rights. To fulfill this obligation the SWWD department takes the responsibility to bring in protective measures paramount to offering social services through social welfare complexes and women development centers for the recovery, re-integration rehabilitation and welfare to carry out special mass awareness activities to remind all stake holders of their moral and social duties toward this goal.


Strive to attain ultimate objective of welfare state according to collective Social and ethical aspirations of people free from exploitation, deprivation and discrimination.


  • Create welfare facilities and healthy living opportunities for vulnerable groups, including destitute women, old age people and children.
  • Impart skills to make the vulnerable groups economically independent and useful for the society.
  • Welfare of destitute women through establishment, maintenance and up-gradation of shelter homes (Dar-ul-Falah).
  • Strengthen and upgrade existing social service chain.

Economic & Social Potential

Social Welfare is a vital sector of national development. It motivates voluntary efforts on self-help basis and mobilization of both human and natural resources to supplement/co-ordinate governmental efforts for accelerated development as well as relief/voluntary social programmes. It also contributes to the betterment of the most deprived, poor and neglected communities/segment of the society.

Main objectives

  • Social welfare: Rehabilitation of the Marginalized.
  • Women development: Mainstreaming Gender.
  • Child Welfare: Child rights Development.
  • The Strategy: The Social Welfare Women Development believes in bringing change through building partnerships with organizations and social Mobilizations.


  • Utilizing the resources of local NGOs existing at grass root level and encouraging the function of local NGOs and formation of new local NGOs from the clusters of Community Based Organizations for public private partnership, sustainable and equitable welfare and economic development.
  • Linkages development of local NGOs with the Line Departments for efficient economic and justified utilization of the resources available.
  • Preparation of Data Base Management Information System of the vulnerable to provide the financial training and referral facilities to uplift their economic and social status, involving Govt. Donors, Local NGOs and philanthropists.
  • Establishment of Women Development Centers to enhance the capacity of women for their economic uplift through preparation of marketable goods like handicrafts, fruits and vegetables preservation, commercial vegetable cultivation, Kashmir crafts etc.
  • Establishment of Special Education Centers for the education and training of Special People to make them beneficial segment of the society.
  • Implementation of National Plan of Action (NPA) for Child Protection to ensure the rights of the child.
  • Implementation of “Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against women (CEDAW)” to ensure the participation of women in all spheres of life.
  • Establishment of bottom to top public private partnership programmes by formation of village, union council, tehsil, co-ordination units/councils comprising of representatives of NGOs/CBOs and the line departments and local political entities for the efficient, economic, justified utilization and mobilization of resources.


  • Creation of special awareness by motivational methods.
  • Professional and financial assistance to registered voluntary Social Welfare agencies.
  • Socio-economic development of people particularly the women.
  • Training and Rehabilitation of the under-privileged and neglected sections of society such as orphans, widows and destitute. etc.
  • Training and Rehabilitation of people with physical or mental disabilities and chronic diseases.
  • Relief and rescue services during calamities and national emergency.
  • Eradication of social evils.
  • Provision of opportunities and training to poor women in urban and rural areas to help them stand on their own feet.
  • Discharge of service matters except those entrusted to the S&GAD.
  • Co-ordination with Local Government and Rural Development Department for social welfare oriented schemes out of its funds.
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Published: 27-05-2016, Source: http://ajk.gov.pk