of the State of Jammu & Kashmir

PM AJ&K Chaudhry Anwar-ul-haq inaugurates TEVTA Brand Launching Ceremony for branding handicrafts and traditional dresses of Kashmir


Muzaffarabad (PIID) February 5, 2024 Minister Toyota Amir Altaf said that the establishment of the Toyota New Complex is the forefront of modern education. The fundamental purpose of Toyota’s establishment is to promote skill education. Instead of traditional methods of employment, we need to move towards policies relevant to modern employment. We need to establish strong mechanisms to support the daily wages of strong youth. Toyota will become a self-sufficient institution. Focusing on skill education will eliminate unemployment. Addressing the inauguration of the AJ Toyota Complex and the launch of the website, Minister Toyota Amir Altaf said that the establishment of the Toyota Complex is aimed at promoting skill education. Youth need to be attracted towards skill education. The government’s capacity for employment in the setup is extremely limited. He said that it is necessary to attract youth towards digital education so that unemployment can be eradicated. He said that Toyota will play a significant role in promoting digital skills. Toyota’s goals include promoting skill education. He said that today Toyota has laid the foundation for skill education. The authority established in 2007 has begun working with a regular fee structure in 2024 while charting the paths of development. He said that the installation of institutions like Toyota is a welcome step to cope with self-sufficient means of employment and financial difficulties.

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