of the State of Jammu & Kashmir

Prime Minister of Azad Government, State of Jammu and Kashmir, Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq talks with media in a ceremony.


Prime Minister of Azad Government, State of Jammu and Kashmir, Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq, has said that he will fight to the last constitutional limit to uphold the oath he has taken and protect the rights and dignity of the proud people of the state. The price of making difficult decisions in the lives of nations must be paid. I am trying to put the ruined system back on its feet. It will take some time. No society in the world can progress until the process of accountability and reward is in place. Extremism in Azad Kashmir was constitutionally protected, now everyone will be afraid of extremism and corruption when indulging in it. Poverty has completely drained the common man at the moment. This state is running on the taxes of the people, its protection is the responsibility of the government. A government was found in which there was nothing but ashes. Today, Alhamdulillah, a little greenery is visible, but we have paid its price. For the first time in history, 25% savings have been made in the normal budget. All this will be spent on the people. I will keep talking about the sorrows and sufferings of the people. This limited region has been shaken to its roots by regionalism, fraternity, corruption, rent mafia, and extremism. State will uproot the corruption and extremism from the root. Those who plundered the resources of the state have been buried. Health education and road projects in Azad Kashmir will come to light. A Rs 10 billion endowment fund has been established under the Social Protection Program to eliminate poverty by fifty percent from the lower level. Under this, Azad Kashmir will provide financial assistance to widows, divorced, disabled, and elderly people without hurting their self-respect. Buildings and equipment will be provided to the elderly. All issues of forest employees will be resolved. Forests are valuable assets for our future generations. Forest protection is our top priority. The beauty of the state is due to the forests. Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq expressed these views while addressing the ceremony organized by Forester/Forest Guard Action. Ministers of Government, Mian Abdul Wahid, Sardar Javaid Ayub, Muhammad Akmal Sargala, Nasir Ansar Abbasi, Javaid Iqbal Budhanvi, Zafar Iqbal Malik, Chaudhry Qasim Majid, Chairman Examination and Operation Commission, Peer Mazhar Saeed also addressed the ceremony. While on this occasion, Minister of Government, Chaudhry Azhar Sadiq, Secretary Government, Heads of Departments, Department of Forests, and a large number of forest employees were also present. The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir said that the state has no shortage of resources to improve the welfare and prosperity of the people and to enhance the capacity building of institutions. There are no means for corruption and extremism. We will have to bring about change in our views. Soon, the fruits of our actions will be visible to the people of Azad Kashmir. I will work with full transparency for this, no matter what the cost. Prime Minister said that the status quo in Azad Kashmir has been uprooted from the ground. I will never compromise on my moral principles. I will turn Azad into a medical city. Buildings will be built in schools and colleges of Azad Kashmir. Efforts of the establishment will be successful and projects of Shounter and Jagraan 2 will be signed. These projects are game changers for the prosperity of Azad Kashmir.

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